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Abercrombie & Kent Sri Lanka – Amanda Robinson’s Report

Abercrombie & Kent Sri Lanka My travel experience to Sri Lanka with A & K was fantastic. Sri Lanka itself is a fascinating country and its people are beautiful. For a relatively small island it has such diversity in geography, weather and culture. You only need to consider the weather to realise this, as depending on where you are going the differences are great. In the Cultural Triangle the [Read more...]

Abercrombie & Kent India – Lisa Wells

A long time wish list destination and no better way to do it than with A&K! India is a country shrouded in so much history which I never realised how far back its history went. I was actually surprised that the poverty was not as bad as I thought.  The people seem happy and there appears to be plenty of food.  I found the people to be lovely and kind. [Read more...]

Contours Travel Peru Famil Trip – Lisa Wells

A fantastic 2 weeks visiting the different regions of Peru including Lima, Amazon Jungle, Sacred Valley of the Incas, Machu Picchu, Cusco, Puno, Lake Titicaca, Colca Canyon and Arequipa An extremely educational and cultural experience. Having been only to Lima, Machu Picchu and Cusco 23 years ago it was great to revisit these places to refresh my memory, see the changes and visit the other areas I hadn’t been to [Read more...]

India Famil Tour – Insider Journeys – Carol Mallett

Our 7 night tour of India was based on the itinerary of Insider Journeys’ Taste of India tour, with accommodation chosen from both Small Group journeys and their Private Travel range. India is a very big country, so the week was designed to give us a little insight into this wonderful place. Flights We flew with Thai Airlines, via Bangkok into and out of Delhi. We flew in economy class. [Read more...]

Italy Famil – Amanda Robinson

I really appreciated the opportunity to experience CIT’s Italy. We had a very comprehensive itinerary in 8 days. We visited many places and experienced many aspects of what CIT can offer to our clients. Day 1 Wednesday 12 October Etihad to Milan. It was a very pleasant surprise when I checked in for my flight and received an upgrade to Business class. The new Etihad lounge at Melbourne Airport is [Read more...]

Sallie – Bunnik Tour – Sri Lanka

BUNNIK Escorted Tour - Sri Lanka March The best time of year to travel to Sri Lanka is December and January, and again in May. The South and West have best weather in December-April (winter) and the North and East Coast May-November (summer). For an island the size of Tasmania the weather is quite variable. Sri Lanka is a very poor country, people are very friendly and at all times [Read more...]

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